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Author Jeff LymanJeffrey Lyman is an award-winning author and editor of fantasy and science fiction. He is the second-place winner of the fourth quarter of the 2010 Writers of the Future competition, a graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writers Workshop (http://www.sff.net/odyssey/) and winner of the Gandalf Grant for said workshop, a merit-based scholarship donated to offset the cost of the six-week program. Odyssey is an intensive program run by Jeanne Cavelos, former editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell, and supplemented by industry professionals and guest speakers. He is a contributor to several award-winning anthologies, including The Defending the Future Series and the Bad-Ass Faeries Series. For his day job, Jeff is an architectural engineer. His weekends he spends writing,i n a battle of wills with his sons, or convention-hopping, where he occasionally serves as a panel participant.


2nd place 4th Quarter winner



Bad-Ass Faeries

Snow in July


Grim Necessity


In All Their Glory

A Brief Battle For the Throne

Breach the Hull

Compartment Alpha


So It Begins

Gunnery Sargeant

By Other Means


New Blood

Cauterize The Wound

Sails and Sorcery

Rowing To Hell

No Longer Dreams

The Quartered Man, Feral, and
The Autumn of Immortality


"Hunger", 2011, By Other Means, Dark Quest Books
"Cauterize The Wound", 2010, New Blood, Padwolf Publishing
"A Brief Battle For the Throne", 2010, Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory, Mundania Press (Editor)
"Grim Necessity", 2009, Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad,  Mundania Press (Editor) (re-release)

"Snow in July", 2009, Bad-Ass Faeries,  Marietta Publishing (Editor) (re-release)
"Compartment Alpha", 2009, Breach the Hull,  
Dark Quest Books (re-release)
"Gunnery Sargeant", 2009, So It Begins, Dark Quest Books

"Grim Necessity", 2008, Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad,  
Marietta Publishing (Editor)
"Rowing to Hell", 2007, Sails and Sorcery,  
The Fantasist Enterprises
"Lord of Wind, Lord of Fire", TBD, Blood and Devotion,  
The Fantasist Enterprises
"Compartment Alpha", 2007, Breach the Hull,  
Marietta Publishing
"Snow in July", 2007, Bad-Ass Faeries,  
Marietta Publishing (Editor)
"The Quartered Man", "Feral", and "The Autumn of Immortality", 2007
         No Longer Dreams,  
Lite Circle Books (Editor)


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